Ridge Ventilator

Ridge Ventilator

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Ridge Ventilator

A ridge vent is a type of vent installed at the peak of a sloped roof which allows warm, humid air to escape a building's. Ridge vents are most commonly used in residential buildings, food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, engineering industry and also in industrial warehouses to help release the hot air and help to comfortable air inside the building. We provide factory-made (assembled) and onsite (assembled).


300mm throat 600 mm throat
MS Structure polyester painted MS Structure polyester painted
Top skin- PPGI/ PPGL/ BGI 0.5mm TCT Top skin- PPGI/ PPGL/ BGI 0.5mm TCT
Width: 750mm Width: 1500mm
Height: 0.5 Mtr Height: 0.8 Mtr


  • Provides evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of the roof.
  • The design maximizes airflow across the entire underside of roof sheeting.
  • Exhausts hot air.
  • Environment friendly.

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