Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Emphasis the importance of building strong technical relationships with the engineering disciplines. By working closely with our proven design team, we can assure our customers that they will be provided with designs that are current in the utilization of the latest material    technologies and aesthetic trends.

Our Mission

ASPB provides products and services that meet our customers’ expectations to bring prosperity and sustainable development for Customers, Employees Partners, Suppliers and Shareholders.


The core values of ASPB

Company members are committed to living and working according to the company’s values, to build a homogeneous and strong company’s culture, develop the self-foundation of each individual as an essential focus:


Keep your promise, speech accompanied by actions


Think and act creatively, procative to deliver solutions


Dare and Responsible for your actions


Honest, transparent, no sefl-interest, no cheating


Move forward to ahead Objective; no complain, no blame


Be punctual, comply with regulation and responsibility


Work for your team and for a common objective