Private Manufacturing Services 

Get metal buildings and components fabricated to meet your exact specifications.

You can provide ASPB with your fabrication drawings and know that we'll fabricate the metal building and components you need to match your exact specifications, and then deliver them under your company's name.

By using ASPB private manufacturing services, you'll gain the ability to stay on your buyer's budget and complete their projects on schedule. Using ASPB brings you a long list of additional advantages:

  • Accurate and Quality Construction: The metal buildings and components you need are always manufactured to your exact specifications
  • Speed: Your order is quickly and professionally fabricated at our factories in the U.S.A. to match your specifications and be delivered on schedule
  • Structural Integrity: The materials manufactured at ASPB all have a consistent quality and are built in accordance with national standards. Metal is fire resistant and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material used in construction
  • Green Materials and Construction: ASPB is committed to reducing the impact of building construction on the environment through the adoption of a comprehensive green building initiative. The use of sustainable, green building materials coupled with a host of environmentally responsible, resource-efficient processes has defined ASPB as a leader in the green building movement
  • Certification: You can confidently obtain your metal components from ASPB. Our operations have received full certification from the MTC and BUET Inspection Program for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems.