Become  Alpha Steel Products Bangladesh (ASPB) Preferred Partner.
If you're a contractor looking for a partner in metal building manufacturing, you've found it. ASPB is the metal building manufacturer with the track record of exceeding contractor expectations.

Alpha Steel Products Bangladesh (ASPB) has been providing our contractor partners with:

  • Customized pricing to help ensure that every project is profitable
  • On-time deliveries that keep your project on schedule
  • Referrals to prospective customers who contact us for metal building information and contractor recommendations
  • A dedicated sales representative who understands and supports your building necessities and requirements
  • High-quality materials to ensure structural integrity
  • Green materials and construction your customers demand

Alpha Steel Products Bangladesh (ASPB) special project services team is ready to help with simple or complex projects.

Alpha Steel Products Bangladesh (ASPB) does more than manufacture quality metal buildings and components. You can turn to us for an extensive list of project services as well. These can include:

  • Full construction management
  • Design for repair
  • Renovations of existing structures
  • Retrofitting roof systems
  • Adding second floors
  • Building additions to existing metal buildings
  • Making design calculations
  • Providing erection drawings (engineer’s stamp available)
  • Formulating project revisions to ensure delivery of required components
  • Assisting with any or all construction issues

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, Alpha Steel Products Bangladesh (ASPB) special project services division can handle it quickly and expertly.