ASPB provides products and services that meet our customers’ expectations to bring prosperity and sustainable development for Customers, Employees, Partners, Suppliers and Shareholders.


Emphasis the importance of building strong technical relationships with the engineering disciplines. By working closely with our proven design team, we can assure our customers that they will be provided with designs that are current in the utilization of the latest material technologies and aesthetic trends.

The core values of ASPB

Company members are committed to living and working according to the company’s values, to build a homogeneous and strong company’s culture, develop the self-foundation of each individual as an essential focus: Prestige, Mindset, Responsibility, Integrity, Positivity, Discipline, Teamwork.

About Us

Alpha Steel Products Bangladesh is one of the trustable  way among steel building material suppliers in Bangladesh with our powerful combination of expertise, experience and industry connections. We are metal building supplier that meets your specific needs - Alpha Steel Products Bangladesh has been providing quality pre-engineered metal buildings material supplier in Bangladesh and the surrounding areas and it is considered a leader in customer service and integrity. your first choice for high quality flat rolled steel coils. We Supply furnishes Galvalume®, galvanized and preprinted steel coils, building primary and secondary, ventilation and nuts bolts for metal roofing and siding applications to the agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential markets, both domestically and for export.

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If you're a contractor looking for a partner in metal building manufacturing, you've found it. ASPB is the metal building manufacturer with the track record of exceeding contractor expectations.


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Get metal buildings and components fabricated to meet your exact specifications.
You can provide ASPB with your fabrication drawings and know that we'll fabricate the metal building and components you need to match your exact specifications, and then deliver them under your company's name.